Protect Your Investment with AssuranceCare

A One Year or Two Year AssuranceCare Extended Warranty Plan for your Mobile Stairlift provides the ultimate comprehensive protection and peace of mind, ensuring timely repairs or replacements should something go wrong.

What Does This Cover?

What Your Plan Covers

Device Parts

Covers the cost of any replacement parts needed due to normal wear and tear. This can include items such as Motors, Electrical Components, Frame Welds, Wiring, Controllers, and Switches.

Labor & Repair

Covers the cost of labor required to repair or replace any covered parts. This means that customers do not need to pay for any service calls or repair visits from qualified technicians.

Electrical Components

In addition to mechanical parts, the extended warranty program also covers electrical components, such as Wiring, Controllers, and Switches.

Manufacturer Defects

Covers any issues caused by defects in the manufacturing process. This can include the welding, assembly, or materials used in the construction of the stairlift.

General Wear & Tear

Covers any issues caused by normal wear and tear on the stairlift. This can include problems with the seat, footrest, or other components that are subject to regular use.

Peace of Mind with AssuranceCare

Shield your product from unexpected risks and safeguard its longevity by wisely investing in an extended warranty, ensuring your peace of mind and uninterrupted performance.

What Your Plan Won't Cover

Batteries or Accidental Damage

Will not cover replacement batteries or accidental damage or misuse. For example, if a user accidentally damages the stairlift by dropping a heavy object on it, this will not be covered under the warranty.

Acts of Nature

Will not cover damage caused by acts of nature, such as floods, fires, or earthquakes. This is because these events are typically considered beyond the control of the manufacturer or service provider.

Unauthorized Repairs

If a customer attempts to repair the stairlift themselves or hires a non-authorized technician to perform repairs, this will void the warranty. It's important to ensure that any repairs or maintenance are done by qualified professionals who are authorized by the manufacturer or warranty provider.

Cosmetic Damage

While your extended warranty will cover issues with the functionality of the stairlift, they will not cover cosmetic damage such as scratches or dents. This is because these issues do not typically impact the performance of the stairlift.

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