AssuranceCare Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions

Extended warranty program for Climbing Steps:

1. Coverage:
The extended warranty program covers the cost of parts and labor required to repair or replace any covered components that fail due to normal wear and tear. Covered components may include mechanical and electrical parts of the mobile stairlift, as well as components affected by general use. The warranty also covers issues related to manufacturing defects.

2. Exclusions: The extended warranty program does not cover accidental damage or misuse of the mobile stairlift, damage caused by natural disasters or other uncontrollable events, unauthorized repairs or modifications, cosmetic damage, or damage caused by failure to follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance procedures.

3. Term: The extended warranty program covers the mobile stairlift for a period of one or two years depending on plan purchased. This plan would start from the end of the manufactures standard warranty. Customers may be required to provide proof of purchase to make a warranty claim.

4. Claims: To make a claim under the extended warranty program, customers must notify the manufacturer or warranty provider of the issue within a reasonable amount of time. The manufacturer or warranty provider may require additional information or documentation before approving the claim. Customers may be required to ship the mobile stairlift to a designated repair facility.

5. Limitations of Liability: The manufacturer or warranty provider's liability under the extended warranty program is limited to the cost of repairing or replacing covered components of the mobile stairlift. The manufacturer or warranty provider is not responsible for any other costs or expenses incurred by the customer, including but not limited to shipping costs, rental or replacement equipment costs, or any other incidental or consequential damages. If needed, a similar refurbished model may be sent as a replacement.

6. Transferability: The extended warranty program is Not transferable to subsequent owners of the mobile stairlift.

7. Modifications: The terms and conditions of the extended warranty program may be modified by the manufacturer or warranty provider at any time. Modifications will be updated on the website under Extended Warranty and it is the responsibility of the User.