Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonials & Reviews

"Just wanted to drop you a message expressing my gratitude for the existence of the Mobile Stairlift. My mother broke her femur if several places back in May. After surgery she spent six weeks in a nursing home. She is non weight bearing until at least August. Our front yard is too small to accommodate a wheelchair ramp and there are five steps to reach the top of our porch. A traditional stairlift was not an option for us. Without the Mobile Stairlift, she would not have been able to come home. As virus cases are on the rise again, I am especially happy to have her home."

Sarah G.

Family Member

"We used this chair to get my mom up and down two flights of stairs on a regular basis. It was safe and very easy to use! I am a woman of small-medium stature and I was easily able to handle the chair with someone of my weight as well as someone larger than myself. The price and flexibility of this chair was much better than installing something permanent on 2 flights of stairs plus a landing. On one occasion, paramedics used the mobile stairlift as well."

D. Hall

Family Member

"The best purchase we’ve made for my elderly parents! After getting quotes to install a chair lift in our home, we were so happy to find Mobile Stairlift because it saved us easily $5,000! We were impressed that they shipped it to us in Hawaii at no additional cost and got it within a week! We are incredibly satisfied with this product and love that it folds up for easy storage. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a wheelchair-bound family member in a home with multiple levels."

J. Peterson

Loving Son

"I'm an EMS Coordinator for a company who recently purchased this stair lift. It is incredible, it's so much safer for our patients as well as back saving for our EMT's. I would 100% recommend this lift. It was also very easy to use and very easy to train my guys and girls on. We all love it!"

M. Pretzer

EMS Coordinator

"Mobile Stairlift has been a godsend! I am the sole caretaker for my disabled mother who lives with me on the second story of an older apartment building. There is no elevator and we share our staircase with another neighbor. Installing a permanent chair lift on the staircase was not an option. Thank God for Shia Halpern and her wonderful team. Without their creation of the Mobile Stairlift, my mother and I would've had to move from our very affordable apartment which I have lived in for 30 years. This would not have been good for my mom's dementia. Thanks to the Mobile Stairlift, we can stay in our home and I can now easily transport my mom down the stairs and to & from her appointments with ease. BTW... Shia has been very quick to respond to any questions I had and has offered assistance every step of the way. 5 Stars for Shia & the Mobile Stairlift!

B. Ferrell

Loving Daughter

"This chair gives a sense of independence to loved ones! It is truly amazing. It can be brought to any one of your families homes due to its portability. You have given hope back to so many people. Thank you Mobile Stairlift!"


Loving Daughter

"This is the best chair for using in our home with 3 flights of stairs. It is narrow enough that it fits through the narrow doorways. It is easily stored out of the way and it holds a charge for days even when used daily. It's also easy to use. This was a great invention! Very happy with my purchase."

T. Johanson

Mobility Patient

"Undoubtedly the greatest purchase I've made for myself. It's a device that will give you mobility and confidence, it's everything stated in its description. Comes assembled and instructions are simple and easy to follow. Being 6'5" 300lbs having multiple sclerosis this product gets me up and down stairs with ease. I highly recommend this product to those who have mobility issues."

R. Colosi

Mobility Patient

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