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What are the most common benefits/cons of this chair lift vs. the regular ones?

  1. Installation - No tracks need to be installed. Having issues with your condo board to get permission to install tracks? Or you just don't want to mess up the ice wooden stairs? Or you are concerned about lowering your house value with tracks all over the place? Well, this is the solution.
  2. Timing - Ready to use out of the box, so you don't have to wait for Weeks or Months to get this going
  3. Cost - This is a much much cheaper alternative
  4. Patient Comfort-ability - Individual can sit into the chair at the car, and be carried all the way to the bed. There's no sitting down getting up, sitting down getting up at every turn of the way. This is the only Car-To-Bed solution on the market.
  5. Portable - Take it to your sons house when he makes a party, or to your dentists office. Take it wherever you go!

Can the individual operate the chair lift themselves? How many people do you need to operate this stair lift?

No, As a company policy we recommend that 2 people operate the chair while the individual just sits in it.

However most customers have told us that they prefer operating the chair with just 1 person (not the patient).

How much space do I need on the landings?

When going from one flight of stairs to another flight of stairs, we recommend a landing of minimum 44" x 44" to adequate room to land and make the turn.

When going up or down a single flight of stairs we recommend 40" for the top landing, and 38" for the bottom landing.

Does the operator in the back of the chair have to walk backwards on the stairs?


Can we take the chair in the car to our sons house and use it there as well?


Will this work on carpeted stairs? How about Wood, Cement etc.?

Yes, this will work on carpeted stairs as well, but only if the carpet is fully attached to the stairs. Whilst if it is just a throw or a runner, it will slip under the tracks.

This chair will work indoors and outdoors alike. Cement, Wood, Iron and all types of stairs.

How about round staircases?

No. This is not going to work on round staircases at all.

We are currently working on a special model that will work on round staircases as well.

How long will the battery last? Can I get a replacement?

When used in a non-commercial form, such as in house and residential, the battery will last up to 3 years.

Replacement batteries will be available for sale on our website shortly.

What is your warranty policy?

We have a full 1 year policy on the entire chair for any damage caused by manufacturing malfunction, and a 2 year policy for replacement parts.

Is it really 14 day money back trial? Who pays for return shipping? How much?

Yes, total  money refund when you return the chair to us.

You may have to pay the return shipping, as we already pay the original shipping to you. This will cost approximately $60-90 depending which state you ship from.

Please keep the original packaging materials throughout your trial period, as we cannot accept any return without it's original box and packaging protection.

Do you offer wholesale pricing for DME shops?

Yes we do, please email or call us for more details.

Do you accept insurance?

We currently don't, but we are working on this, so hopefully we'll get there soon.

What are the exact dimensions of the chair?

Folded Up: 20" Wide x 40" Tall x 12" Depth

Set Up Operational Mode: 20" Wide x 62" Tall x 42" Depth

Net Weight: 62 Lb


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