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Normal Price: $2,995.00  Saving $2,000.00

What's Included:
- Voltstair Go Powered Hand Truck
- Battery
- Charger
- Instruction Manual  

Move furniture, equipment, and more with this motorized hand truck. Included with the electric stair climbing dolly is a Samsung lithium-ion battery that is easy to remove and is commercially available. 

Weight Capacity: 132 lbs

Lifetime Warranty on Frame +
6 Months on Replacement Parts

We offer a lifetime warranty on your stairlift's frame/welds caused by manufacturing defects, and 6 months on all components.

7-Day Money
Back Guarantee

We doubt you'll need this, but just in case you aren't 100% satisfied with the Mobile Stairlift, we offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our stairlifts.

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Watch The Voltstair Go
In Action
Watch The Voltstair Go In Action

Great for Carrying...


Weight Capacity: 132 lbs

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Voltstair Brochure


Instruction Manual


Battery Operated

With a full battery, you'll get 100+ flights per charge.

Built-In Tracks

No need to install tracks, this works on all almost any staircase.

Toothbrush product


At only 30lbs, it's easy to take your Voltstair Go wherever you need it.

Increased Efficiency

With a 132 lb weight capacity, your bandwidth is limitless.

"The Voltstair has helped me maintain independence by giving me the ability to move much heavier objects on my own." 

"The Voltstair Go has been a back saver! What normally takes 2 people, I can do myself." 

Stephen Jenkins - New York
Personal Contractor

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Same-Day Shipping

All orders placed by 2pm EST are shipped the next day. 

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7-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't 100% satisfied with the Voltstair, we offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Customer Service

Questions? We're here to help! Please call us at 212-366-5483, or email us at info@voltstair.com.

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