Atlas Stair Climbing Wheelchair Lift
Atlas Stair Climbing Wheelchair Lift
Atlas Stair Climbing Wheelchair Lift
Atlas Stair Climbing Wheelchair Lift
Atlas Stair Climbing Wheelchair Lift
Atlas Stair Climbing Wheelchair Lift

Atlas Portable Wheelchair Stairlift

Portable Stair Climber For Wheelchairs

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Saving $4,400.00


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Normal Price: $7,499.00 Saving $3499.01

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Normal Price: $6,000
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What's Included:
- 1 Atlas Wheelchair Stairlift
- 1 Battery
- 1 Charger
- 1 Instruction Manual

The Atlas Portable Wheelchair Stairlift by Mobile Stairlift is our newest innovation into transporting individuals using a wheelchair or patient transport device up or down a flight of stairs. Designed to accommodate a wheelchair or transport chair with seat sizes of 16" 18" or 20" widths. The Atlas Wheelchair Lift offers a Wheelchair users the added ability to remain in their wheelchair reducing the need to transfer in and out of the wheelchair to the stair climbing chair lift.

To prevent injury, it is recommended that the operator be properly trained in the Stairlift's use, and that they first practice descending stairs without a rider. 

Lifetime Warranty on Frame +
6 Months on Replacement Parts

We offer a lifetime warranty on your stairlift's welds caused by manufacturing defects, and 6 months on all components.

7-Day Money
Back Guarantee

We doubt you'll need this, but just in case you aren't 100% satisfied with the Mobile Stairlift, we offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our stairlifts.

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Watch The Atlas Wheelchair Stairlift In Action
Watch The Mobile
Stairlift In Action

Made For Wheelchairs

Atlas is designed to carry both you and your wheelchair up and down hundreds of flights of stairs.

Battery Operated

With a full battery, you'll get over 120 flights on a single charge.

Toothbrush product


It folds down to a fraction of it's operational size, and fits in almost any car trunk.

Easy To Operate

We designed this product to help you and your loved ones in an easy and safe method.

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Want To Learn More?

With these handy guides, you’ll learn more about how the stairlift can be used, how easy it is to operate and why we believe this motorized chair for stairs is the safest, most adaptable, and most affordable mobility equipment on the market.