The Importance of Safety and Reliability in Evacuation Stair Chairs

The Importance of Safety and Reliability in Evacuation Stair Chairs

The Importance of Safety and Reliability in Evacuation Stair Chairs

In times of emergency, there's nothing more crucial than safety and reliability. For individuals with limited mobility, this need is even more pronounced. That's where evacuation stair chairs come into play, and Mobile Stairlift's Hyperlite and EZ models are at the forefront of ensuring the well-being of those who need them.


Safety First

During emergencies, such as fires or natural disasters, evacuating a building quickly and safely is paramount. For individuals with limited mobility, navigating stairs can be particularly challenging. That's where evacuation stair chairs shine. They are purpose-built to provide a safe and efficient means of moving individuals down staircases, eliminating the need for strenuous manual lifting or risky descents.


The Hyperlite: Featherweight Yet Robust

Mobile Stairlift's Hyperlite is a standout in the world of evacuation stair chairs. Its featherweight design doesn't compromise on durability or strength. Despite its lightness, the Hyperlite can support up to 350lbs during a descent. This lightweight yet robust construction ensures that it can be swiftly deployed and operated when every second counts.


The EZ Series: Reliable and User-Friendly

Our EZ series, including the EZ Evacuation Chair and EZ Lite Evacuation Chair, exemplify reliability and ease of use. These chairs are equipped with anti-slip tracks that allow a single operator to safely guide an individual down stairs. The tracks provide stability and control, even on challenging staircases, reducing the risk of accidents during evacuation.


Peace of Mind for All

Having evacuation stair chairs like the Hyperlite and EZ in place offers peace of mind to both building managers and individuals with limited mobility. Building managers can rest assured that they have a reliable solution for safe evacuations, while individuals with mobility challenges can feel confident that their safety is a top priority.


Training and Preparedness

To ensure the utmost safety during evacuations, it's essential to have trained personnel who are familiar with the operation of evacuation stair chairs. Regular training sessions can help staff become proficient in using these devices, ensuring a smooth and secure evacuation process.


Safety and reliability are non-negotiable when it comes to evacuation procedures, especially for those with limited mobility. Mobile Stairlift's Hyperlite and EZ series of evacuation stair chairs are designed with these principles in mind. They provide a dependable means of descending stairs during emergencies, offering peace of mind to everyone involved.

When safety is paramount, having the right tools can make all the difference. Contact us today to learn more about our evacuation chairs and how they can help improve safety in your building.


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