New Updated Battery - Red Warning Light

Posted on January 07 2019

To all our customers from September 2018 and on.

We have upgraded our batteries to make it a better product on the inside and outside.

Inside upgrades are not visible, but what is visible is the new setup for the light indicator for amount of juice the battery has.

It used to be 1 green light for every 25% of battery juice, so one light meant 25%, 2 lights 50%, 3 lights 75% and 4 lights meant 100% full.

The new battery has the first light as a warning light. It is a red light, and only goes on if you are below 25%. It is like a warning light.

The 2nd light, which is the first green light indicates that you are at 50%, 2 green lights indicate you are at 75% and 3 green lights indicate you are 100% full.

This will help warn you to not use the chair when you are at 25% and below.

Have a happy and healthy day, stay safe.



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