Mobile Stairlift Dolly - Battery Powered Stair-Climbing Hand Truck

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Safely move loads up and down the stairs with the electric stair climbing hand truck from Mobile Stairlift. Our motorized dolly allows for maximum safety when ascending or descending the stairs using an electronically controlled motor. Constructed with a strong metal frame that’s built to last, the Mobile Stairlift Dolly provides long-lasting durability.

The Mobile Stairlift Dolly can carry loads up to 500 pounds up to 100 flights of stairs on a single charge. With intuitive button controls, our electric stair climbing hand truck is extremely easy to use when ascending or descending stairs. Its electronic brake and speed control features lock and control tracks during stops on ascending or descending stairs to prevent injury.

Included with the electric stair climbing dolly is a Samsung lithium-ion battery that is easy to remove and is commercially available. For more information on this product, contact us!

• Weight: 56.5 pounds
• Width: 20.5 inches
• Height: 47 inches
• Load Limit: 500 pounds
• Platform Dimensions: 18" Wide x 23.5" Deep

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